New York City Department of Transportation

The New York City Department of Transportation maintains and enhances the transportation infrastructure crucial to the economic vitality and quality of life of New York City residents.

The problem

While the IT Dashboard, open-sourced by the US Federal Government, appeared to present a perfect low-cost solution, New York City DOT was challenged by the lack of available tools to help executives track the status of individual projects in one of the largest technology project portfolios of any City Agency.

The solution

OpenBureau founders helped New York City DOT to evaluate the cost and viability of reimplementing the Federal IT Dashboard, a Drupal-based data visualization application, to meet DOT’s need for an internal technology project oversight tool. This included a comprehensive review of the IT Dashboard code, scoping the cost and complexity of adapting it for DOT’s needs, and developing technical recommendations for future implementation by DoT staff or other outside vendors.

The reuse

New York City DOT’s successful reimplementation of the IT Dashboard will not only fulfill the promise of the U.S. Federal Government’s decision to open-source the application in the first place, but would also result in a redesigned code base that will be easier and less expensive for other local governments in turn to deploy for their needs.