New York City Dept. of Information Technology & Telecom (DoITT)

New York City Dept. of Information Technology & Telecom (DoITT) works to establish a new open government paradigm and make customer-to-government interactions more transparent and accessible employing cutting-edge tools, partnerships, and innovations.

The problem

Challenged by the difficulty of engaging individuals and small businesses to work with the City on technology projects, DoITT created an initiative called “Speedy Procurement and Rapid Contracts” (NYC SPARK),

The solution

OpenBureau founders worked with DoITT to launch NYC SPARK - connecting tech pros with cutting-edge tech projects. Built on the open source content management solution Drupal, NYC SPARK empowers DoITT to (a) accelerate innovative small applications development projects Citywide (b) expand the pool of qualified application developers available to work on City projects (c) make it easier for individuals and small IT businesses to work with the City. NYC Spark aspires to enable job seekers to “Turn your passion into action, and help build NYC’s future.”

The reuse

NYC SPARK has the potential for being used for any government hiring system wherein individuals or companies apply for government contracts.